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Sugar Scrub 4 oz


8 oz Body Scrubs, available in (PLEASE SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING):
Plain – Fragrance Free
Rose – Moisturizing, anti-inflammatory properties
Lemon – Energizing and cleansing
Peppermint – Cooling, refreshing and invigorating
Eucalyptus – Clarifying, stimulating
Rosemary – Renewing, soothing



It’s beneficial to exfoliate your body and face no matter your skin type; dry skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin or all of the above. Getting rid of dead skin cells can improve your skin!

Benefits of exfoliating with a scrub;
• Anti-aging effects, as built-up dead skin cells exacerbate fine lines and make
your skin look dry and less supple
• Helps remove makeup
• Evens your tone
• Allows for a closer shave
• Makes skin smoother
• Helps prevent acne and blackheads by keeping your pores clean

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Weight 5 oz